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MINI Bracelet - VIOLET
MINI Bracelet - VIOLET
MINI Bracelet - VIOLET

MINI Bracelet - VIOLET

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Looking for a meaningful piece of jewelry that adds a touch of personal style and powerful symbols to your look? Our MINI bracelet is a perfect choice.

Crafted from Violet cord and available in gold-plated Vermeil and sterling silver, it features the brand's signature HAMSA design.

Each symbol has deep meaning - The HAMSA symbolizes protection, making it an ideal gift for someone you care about. 

The MINI bracelet is a must-have for anyone who loves beautiful and meaningful jewelry.


VIOLET cord = Regality, leadership, strength, and grace
HAMSA = symbolizes protection


With its compact size, the MINI bracelet is perfect for stacking with other bracelets or wearing alone for a subtle yet stunning touch. And thanks to its durable construction, you can wear it daily without worrying about wear and tear. 


HAMSA 15mm height 10mm wide