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Fatima Trinket dish
Fatima Trinket dish
Fatima Trinket dish

Fatima Trinket dish

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Introducing the stunning Fatima trinket dish - a limited-edition, handcrafted ceramic piece created in collaboration with Ibti's Pottery. This one-of-a-kind dish boasts exquisite craftsmanship and carries a meaningful significance.

The Fatima trinket dish is more than just a decorative item; the Hand of Fatima is believed to ward off the Evil Eye and negative energy, offering protection to its surroundings. Use it to showcase your cherished jewelry pieces and bask in its positive energy.

Whether gracing your dresser with your most treasured accessories or enhancing your home’s decor, the Fatima trinket dish brings beauty and a touch of protective charm to any space.



length 17 cm
width 13 cm

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