hak the label jewellery evileye necklace in gold
hak the label jewellery evileye necklace in silver
hak the label jewellery evileye necklace, worn by a girl in pastel top and scarf


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A twist on the evil eye talisman, symbolizing infinite love and protection. The evil eye talisman is believed to protect a person from the curse of the 'evil eye'.

A curse thought to be cast by a bitter glare, usually given to a person when they are unaware. Receiving the evil eye is thought to cause misfortune or injury. 


Available in solid sterling silver, 18K gold plated and 18K solid gold, made to order pieces have a maximum delivery time of 2 weeks.

Gold plated pieces are coated in 2.5 mm of 18K gold on a sterling silver base. 

If your size isn't available, please contact us at hello@hakthelabel.com or DM on Instagram @hakthelabel