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BIDIYA Necklace
BIDIYA Necklace
BIDIYA Necklace
BIDIYA Necklace
BIDIYA Necklace

BIDIYA Necklace

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The BIDIYA Necklace – A fusion of tradition and contemporary chic that promises to redefine your style game. Inspired by the timeless Omani Shahad ring pattern, this necklace celebrates heritage and sophistication.

The BIDIYA Necklace features a mesmerizing blend of Green Rainforest Swarovski crystals and sleek golden hues. The result is a piece that effortlessly commands attention and exudes an air of opulence.

Versatility is at the heart of this accessory, offering you two distinctive ways to wear it and adjustable lengths to suit your mood and outfit. Whether draped elegantly for a formal affair or layered boldly for a more casual vibe.



Make a statement transcending time and trends by doubling up with the BIDIYA. B, creating a bold and distinctive look. Complete the ensemble with the SAHRA earring for an added touch of sophistication. The combination is a testament to those who appreciate the fusion of cultural richness and contemporary flair.


Swarovski Rainforest Topaz 2mm

Chain length 450mm

Pattern 31mm x 20mm




Available in 18K gold plated with Swarovski topaz in Rainforest.

18K solid gold, made to order pieces have a maximum delivery time of 2 weeks.

Gold plated pieces are coated in 2.5 mm of 18K gold on a sterling silver base. 

For any inquiries, please contact us at or DM on Instagram @hakthelabel