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Introducing the BARCHAN Cuff – a distinctive accessory crafted for those who embrace a new wave of ear adornments. Slide on this avant-garde cuff without the need for piercing and instantly amplify your style. Inspired by the crescent-shaped barchan dunes, this cuff draws its name from the captivating natural formations that mirror its silhouette.

Embrace your individuality by wearing the BARCHAN Cuff alone for a subtle yet striking statement. For the boldest expression, create a head-turning earstack by doubling up on one ear. Amp up the drama further by layering it seamlessly with the Dune earring for an effortlessly chic look. Sold as a single earring, this piece is designed to complement your fearless sense of style.


Go solo for understated elegance or the boldest expression with the most eye-catching earstack! For a bolder statement, create an eye-catching ear stack by doubling up the BARCHAN on one ear or layering it seamlessly with the DUNE earring for a chic look. To take your style game to the next level and add some drama, stack it with the HOOK or LUBAN.B earrings for the ultimate fashion-forward look. Don't be afraid to embrace the unconventional!



Available in solid sterling silver, 18K gold plated 

18K solid gold, made to order pieces have a maximum delivery time of 2 weeks.

Gold plated pieces are coated in 2.5 mm of 18K gold on a sterling silver base. 

For any inquiries, please contact us at or DM on Instagram @hakthelabel