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Throughout the HAK collections, symbolism and culture play large roles in the designs taking inspiration from cultural cues, and different cities and countries lived in. The evil eye and other talismans are prominent features in many pieces, but where do these come from?


The evil eye is a long-standing symbol of protection, and it was referenced by the likes of Plato and Hesiod. The eye protects the keeper from negative energies and directs it away should it come near. 


Dating way back to the 6th Century and acts as a protection against jealousy and evil spirits. It’s thought that if you are successful or attracting good things into your life, there is the opportunity for feelings of jealousy and negativity to manifest from those around you. The evil eye is there to dispel these feelings and let them flow back to the sender. 


In general, Talismans are there to bring luck and keep evil at bay, which is a sentiment we weave into HAK designs. Whether you are wearing our earrings or a ring on one finger, we have fused together contemporary design and that spiritual element of protection.


These thoughts and beliefs are ones that are honoured all over the world; from Europe to Asia and everywhere in between. Our pieces all mean something and stand for something, which was so important during the design process, picking up notes of inspiration from across the world and creating designs that would work well together as well as solo pieces. 


Find out more about our pieces by exploring each collection and see if you can spot the cultural references within them. If you would like assistance when shopping, get in touch and we can help you find that perfect piece.


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